Dreaded I will breathe shirt



The idea behind this is our #ELEVEN17 Movement that's rooted in declaration and coming into agreement with #GODSPLAN. We are ALL IN with the #BLACKLIVESMATTER movement but the enemy will not silence us by chanting I CAN'T BREATHE but with EVERY breath we take, that God has given us, we will remember and scream the names of those who were prematurely taken from their families due to police brutality. 


I WILL Breathe!!!

Bad people must know that it's not their right to take our breath away. 


These are ONLY $20 (S-XL) and $25 (2X-5X)

Various Sizes and you may choose between V-Neck (fitted) or Crop Neck (loose fit) Currently in white shirt color only


Dreaded I will breathe shirt